About Me

I’m a passionate woodworker with an eye for detail. I reside in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with my wife Marcy and our 3 children Ronnie, Elise & Callie.

My first introduction to working with wood was in the 7th grade, the first project we made in shop class was a C02 powered dragster car. I got bit by the woodworking bug and continued taking shop class until I graduated from high school. After school I didn’t do much of any woodworking....Fast forward 20 years...We wanted a farm table for our home, and instead of buying one, I decided to build one. That table was the beginning of getting back into woodworking. I continue to learn and grow as a woodworker through taking various classes and workshops.

A very important part of any woodworking project is the ingredients being used. I try and source as much lumber as I can that’s local/regional to Tennessee. I’m a big fan of air-dried hardwoods, versus kiln dried, because of the color and patina that adds so much character and uniqueness to each piece that I create. However, when I can’t source something locally, I will purchase from a local hardwood dealer. Some of the woods I use are Hard Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Ambrosia Maple, Birdseye Maple, Curly/Figured Maple, Mulberry, Purple Heart, and Yellow Heart. Each of these woods are different in color and grain patterns, and each make for a pallet of beautiful combinations. All of the items shown on my site have been handmade by me in my shop.

I am also a member of the Cumberland Furniture Guild and the Stones River Woodworkers Club.

Ron Depew